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Bilayer Tablet Compression Machine

May 4, 2016 |
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A leader of Chamunda Pharmaceutical Machines Manufacturer Offers Bilayer Tablet Compression Machine, Tableting Machine, Tablet Machines, Rotary Tableting Machine. ... Read more

Rotary Press With Exchangeable Turret

Jun 3, 2016 |
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Chamunda Pharma Machinery offers Rotary Press with Exchangeable Turret, Interchangeable Turret, Rotary Tablet Press Presses, Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press. ... Read more

ThLogger Isı,Nem,Sıcaklık Takip Sistemleri

Jun 22, 2016 |
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Thlogger ısı nem takip sistemi, kurulumu kolay internet üzerinden ilaçlarınızı, soğuk zinciri, depolarınızın ısı ve nem oranını online takip edeceğiniz sistemdir. ... Read more

Effluent Treatment

Sep 1, 2016 |
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Effluent Treatment Contracts All waste water treatment, whether domestic or industrial must result in a clean effluent that meets environmental standards. The level of treatment will vary, depending ... Read more

Electrical Earthing System Design

Apr 30, 2015 |
VB Engineering offers highly specialized and professional services in the field of Earthing System Design and lightning arrestor systems, Surge protection with huge client base across the ... Read more

Mechanical Calibration Services

Dec 23, 2015 |
When it comes to mechanical instruments calibration then Pressure Gauge,Weighing Balance,Weight Box Calibration is just a call away.Sigma mechanical instrument range is beyond the limit. ... Read more

Piping Design Course in Delhi NCR

Dec 30, 2015 |
EMCI is the most recognized piping design course provider in Delhi NCR. This training course is aimed at creating a bright future for graduates of engineering, especially for freshers, but make it ... Read more

Building contractor in Pakistan | Engineer Zeeshan Ahmed

Mar 15, 2016 |
Leading a Top Building Contractor firm in Pakistan. Zeeshan Ahmed provide a quality services in Pakistan. ... Read more

Fluid Bed Granulator

Dec 2, 2016 |
We are offering customized, Fluid Bed Granulator, Fluidized Bed Powder Coating, Pellets Coater, Top Spray Granulation, Wurster Coater. ... Read more

Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press

Apr 21, 2017 |
CHAMUNDA Offers Tablet Punching Machine, Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Heavy Duty Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Tablet Press With Front Control. ... Read more

Fluid Bed Processor

Nov 30, 2016 |
We are the leading Fluid Bed Granulation, Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Granulator, Fluid Bed Coating, Fluidized Bed Coating, and Fluidized Bed Granulator. ... Read more

High Shear Mixer Granulators

Nov 26, 2016 |
Chamunda Offers High Shear Mixer Granulators, Granulator, Wet Mixing, Rapid Mixer Granulator Machine, Granulation Machine, Rapid Mixer Granulator Manufacturer. ... Read more

Roll Compactor Machine

Dec 3, 2016 |
We offers Roll Compactor, Roller Compactors For Dry Granulation, Roll Compactor Machine, Freund-Vector-Roller Compactor Spare, Gerteis Roller Compactor Spare. ... Read more

High Speed Tablet Press Machine

Dec 31, 2016 |
We are manufacturer High Speed Tablet Press, High Speed Tablet Press Machine, High Speed Double Rotary Tablet Press, Double Rotary High Speed Tableting Machine. ... Read more

Roller Compactors For Dry Granulation

Dec 2, 2016 |
Our offers Roller Compactors For Dry Granulation, Roller Compactor Manufacturers, Roll Compactor Machine, Freund-Vector-Roller Compactor Spare, Roller Compactors. ... Read more

Lab High Shear Mixer

Dec 5, 2016 |
CHAMUNDA Pharmaceutical Machinery Manufacturer in India Lab High Shear Mixer, High Shear Laboratory Mixer, R&D High Shear Mixer and High Shear Lab Mixer. ... Read more

Fluid Bed Dryer

Jan 2, 2017 |
Fluid Bed Dryer offers a lucid solution to drying of wet granules, crystalline or coarse materials. It utilizes the principle of passing the hot air at a high velocity through the bed of the material ... Read more

Automatic Tablet Press Machine

Apr 15, 2017 |
Chamunda Pharma Company Offers Automatic Tablet Press Machine, Single Sided Rotary Tablet Press, Tablet Punching Machine, Tablet Press With Front Control. ... Read more

Automatic Tablet Coating

Sep 12, 2017 |
We are offering Auto Coater, Coating Pallets, Automatic Tablet Coating, Coating Tablets, Coating Granules, Film Coating Tablets, Tablet Coating Machines. ... Read more